What are the benefits of using BATAK LITE?

– Improves reaction time

– Enhances hand-eye coordination

– Boosts stamina and fitness levels

– Minimum space requirements

– Variable speed accommodates users of all ages and sexes

– No special kit required

– Simple rules – easy to use

– Bright LED Displays showing Time and Score

– Can be wall-mounted or free standing

– Easily transportable to any venue

Can BATAK LITE be battery powered?

BATAK LITE can be run from a standard 12v vehicle battery with the available special adaptor.

Does BATAK LITE come with a manual?

There is a manual for the standard machine which explains everything you need to know.

Can I hire a BATAK Lite machine?

Yes, we offer a BATAK LITE hiring service (UK only).
Click here for details.